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There are not many artists who can write, produce, mix and master their own music. Let alone can they design their own artwork or shoot and edit their own music videos. But this do-for-self attitude is exactly what led to the success of mastermind entertainer sirChozen.

For his upbeat lead single “The Good Life,” this multitalented architect shot the video with a camera phone on a recent trip to Amsterdam and edited it all to visual and musical perfection.

“I’m not happy with where we have allowed the music to go,” he explains. “At first, it was a voice of the people, moving people, changing society. Nowadays, there’s no message at all in the music. People aren’t getting any substance.

sirChozen continues, “I created a whole new genre. I call it conscious music. Most of the songs I write discuss government, society, freeing your mind.”

He attended school at the private and prestigious Saint Stanislaus Catholic day and boarding school for boys. He excelled in the classroom as well as on the basketball court to baseball, football, track and soccer fields. And while sports and academia were always important to young Derek, it was music that always peaked his interests.

Because he wasn’t allowed to leave the house whenever he got ready, the youngster spent much of his time listening to music. It wasn’t rap music or R&B he was listening to, though. He listened to Rock-n-Roll.

“I always loved music,” Chozen thinks back. “I used to sit in my room and imagine doing concerts, in front of crowds on stage.”

That was until around seventh grade when one of his cousins would visit and change the radio from the rock station to New Orleans’ hip-hop and R&B station Q-93.

“My cousin would come to our house and he would be like ‘man what are yall listening to?” he laughs.

From there, he fell in love with everyone from Snoop Dogg and Dre to Too Short. By his senior year in high school, that love affair with music evolved into wanting to make his own music. He met other young aspiring rappers in the area, who invited him to sit in on one of their studio sessions. From there, it was a wrap.

“I fell in love with being in the studio, getting that feeling,” he reveals. “I was like ‘this is definitely what I have to do.”

And that’s exactly what he did. He built a recording booth in the garage and saved up for all the equipment he needed. And in no time, he (then known as Lil Breez) created a buzz from compilation CD with other local rappers entitled We On A Rise in 2001.

It was during this time that he began dabbing in graphic design. He called a popular CD duplication company and asked their rates on album cover designs and got a quote. But by him being a college student, he couldn’t afford their prices.

“I asked what kind of software they use. I just want to make sure I send my files over in a compatible format,” sirChozen divulges. “They mentioned Corel Draw, so I bought it and sat there for hours, days and months. It turned into years until I got proficient at it.”

That same year, he began teaching himself web development. Since then, he has recorded countless local artists including David Banner, former UGK Records artist XVII, LoLo and Dub G.

Added to his long list of titles and accomplishments, sirChozen is a massage therapist, specializing in alternative medicine. He also sharpened his technical capabilities studying radio, television and film at the University of Southern Mississippi. This multi-talented dynamo is also in the process of writing his own feature film. There is nothing this man cannot do.

“When you open your mind, infinite possibilities exist because we live in an infinite universe,” he explains. “I had never come out with any music of my own because I put myself on the back burner. I worked as an engineer for other artists, doing graphics and doing film production. It’s not like I didn’t have any music. I just decided to wait, and now the wait is over.”

And his lively lead single “The Good Life” is proof that the wait has been well worth it.

“Everything I do is about healing the planet, healing society and healing people’s minds,” sirChozen explains. “In healing myself, it helps heal others. The more you give of your gifts, the more honed those gifts become and the more you receive them.”

~ Carlton Wade

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